About Eava Artists.
Eava Artists is an indigenous visual Arts organization founded in 2012, fully committed to create a just world in which freedom of expression, dignity, and human rights of persons of all sexes, sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions are respected, supported, and protected.

Mission statement.
To promote a non-violent culture and advance human rights through visual arts, holding public exhibitions, research, documentation and capacity building, to create a world free for all of us to live in without fear but with respect and dignity.

Visual Arts is a way of communication, how we realize our full human potential, art is freedom of expression that represents Human engagement, to be able to be or become ourselves that we are independent Human beings, art is a voice it allows us to tell stories which Change minds and Perceptions, Arts gives us an opportunity to document quickly what is happening before it is distorted Art has allowed us to bring sexual and gender minority stories into the main stream community by discovering ourselves and projecting ourselves in the feature without fear but because in Arts we are stronger our voices are amplified and our message is clear.

EAVA Artists is registered Non government Organizations.


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