Thematic Areas


  1. a) Create a platform for visual Artists to use art as a tool for activism to create a culture of respect and dignity for all.


  1. b) Build support for causes, influence communities to take action to ensure policy commitments are translated into action that reach intended beneficiaries.


  1. c) Build strategies for advocacy and human rights documentation, empower communities with skills in documentation and report Human rights violations.


  1. e) Mobilise local, regional, continental and international resources in support of the Promotion and defence of freedom of artistic expression globally.


Facilitating networking and collaboration.

  1. a) To form partnerships, alliances, projects and collaborations at the intersection of arts and culture, human rights and social justice;


  1. b) To network and collaborate with mainstream Artists and LGBTI artists to advance Human rights.


Advance queer vernaculars.


  1. a) Document the lives and works of Minorities in Africa wherever they may be found.


  1. b) Increase the technical and communication skills of Minority communities all over East Africa enabling them to document their lives and struggles in their own voices.


  1. c) Create visibility and increase understanding of Minority communities in Africa by creating a comprehensive archive of media produced and exploring the African Minority experience.


  1. d) To exchange, distribute research information relevant to the promotion, protection and defence of artistic freedom globally.


Information exchange, awareness raising.


  1. a) To exchange, distribute information relevant to the promotion, protection and defence of queer artistic freedom of expression globally.


  1. b) To raise awareness about free expression issues and highlight best practice, through the production of publications and materials in collaboration with Human rights organisations and Artists


  1. c) To promote a non-violence culture through networking dialogue and training Visual artists



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