The Uganda Media Council bans Dutch film for ‘glorifying homosexuality’

“The Dinner Club” was released in 2010 but was due to be shown in a film festival.
According to The Uganda Media Council,The Dinner Club is “glorifying homosexuality” and that is illegal in Uganda.
The Embassy of The Netherlands in Kampala posted, Screening Dutch film for European Film Festival, “The Dinner Club”, has been cancelled

Unfortunately the Embassy has to announce that the screening of the Dutch entrance for the European Film Festival, the film “The Dinner Club” has been cancelled.
The Uganda Media Council denied the film a classification rating and decided that the film should not be exhibited anywhere in Uganda.

The Embassy deplores the decision of the Uganda Media Council and it will withdraw from participation in the European Film Festival in Uganda.

Please find below the observations by the Uganda Media Council on “the various thematic and technical elements as portrayed in the film”:18425344_1279888215441877_6856372918752160874_n.jpg


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