Resilience Diaries “stories of transgender persons” in Uganda

East African Visual Artists (EAVA Artists) together with Transgender community in Uganda,launched a documentary film project to Amplify the stories of Trans persons in Uganda.

Resilience dairies “stories of transgender persons” is a documentary film and a series of short documentaries, focusing on the resilience stories of transgender persons in Uganda.
The film interrogates the legal environment and its impact on Transgender persons, the film will expound on the resilience success stories of transgender persons, stories that are never told yet they are very powerful.
The increased Legal and political stigmatization excludes Transgender persons from society, this contributes to high risk of violence and police harassment, the conservative social attitudes and non-accountability makes police violence and extortion directed at Transgender persons, unquestioned laws are freely used by police to harass and abuse Transgender persons in Uganda and give no opportunity for Transgender persons to report cases to polices or get Justice.
According to kamya “The documentary will help us reach grass root people who don’t understand who we are,this is our opportunity to tell our own stories”

According to Vincent,the main overall objective of the film is to bring to life lived realities of Transgender persons in Uganda to develop evidence based support to engage with law makers, religious leaders to challenge stigma and discrimination.

This will help us reach out to a wider audience,We are telling our own stories to our people in our language.


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