why Art

Humanity loves visual art. Every culture on Earth has used the visual to share its stories and history. The mental and emotional connections we make through images and color is, I believe, a gift from God for connecting our imaginations with a story. What is also interesting is that the interpretation is uniquely subjective to the viewer and their experiences, opinions, and character. Connecting with a story through visual art is a very personal experience.(by Iran)

In East Africa, many underestimate the power of images and the impact they can create, yet with art we are able to bring out the message that can be understood by everyone  i.e. rational appeal with emotional appeal, command attention,  care to the heart and head. East Africa Visual Artists, an idea that we came up with in March, 2012, aims at using images to improve the lives of  the LGBTI in quite a number of ways such as; advocating for health, LGBTI rights, fighting homophobia and entrepreneurship among others.

East Africa Visual Artists is non-government organization (NGO) whose main tool is art we use art as an advocacy tool to reach out to a wider audience. Due to the high levels of illiteracy and the homophobic society we live in East Africa, with Art, we are able to reach a wider population with a target audience of institutions, parliamentarians, councilors, community leaders and individuals.


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